Close up bottle of white vinegar with label.
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Avoid Cleaning These 5 Household Items With Vinegar At All Costs
While vinegar is a popular and eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning products, there are five places you should skip using it altogether.
Avoid using vinegar, even when diluted, to clean granite countertops since its acidic nature can diminish their shine and ruin expensive, natural stones.
Exposure to the acidity of vinegar over time can also severely damage the rubber hoses and seals found in most washing machines, causing them to leak.
Using vinegar to clean metal knife blades can lead to pitting and corrosion, which can eventually dull the sharp edges of your knives.
Filling the reservoir of a clothing iron with white vinegar is another cleaning hack you should avoid in order to protect the material inside from corroding.
Refrain from cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar, as its acidity can seriously dull the shiny finish of the polyurethane and cause irreversible damage.