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Avoid Cleaning These Three Fabrics With Water
Certain fabrics don't behave well when submerged in water and will likely end up with damage. Be especially on guard with items made from velvet, suede,
and velour.
Velvet is an incredibly popular choice for apparel and home décor, but the fuzziness and composition mean it's not the best suited for cleaning with water.
When faced with delicate velvet items, you should brush the fabric routinely, dry-clean only when necessary, and steam if you're faced with
any wrinkles.
Suede is one of the most classic and refined fabric choices available, but never saturate suede with water, as the fabric will become brittle and lose its texture.
Instead, vacuum up crumbs if it's a larger piece, brush the fabric in the direction of the grain, and spot-clean with a specialized
suede cleaner.
Velour is often much cheaper, more durable, and stretchier than true velvet, but it's still not the best idea to submerge it in water.
Instead, regularly brush or vacuum away debris, use a damp muslin cloth to spot-clean, and look for a specialized velour cleaner for more set-in stains.