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Avoid Drying These Items In Your Dryer
Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals can often be machine-washed, but instead of putting them in the dryer, it's best to air-dry them to ensure their safety and maintain their condition.
Using a dryer may lead to lint accumulation in the vent, which can cause fires. The high heat can also burn the fur or melt any plastic parts of the animals.
It's best to air-dry your silk items. However, if you must use the dryer, use an air-only cycle for no more than 15 minutes and avoid putting the silk item with
abrasive clothes.
To air-dry silk garments, gently roll them in a dry towel to help release excess moisture. Then, hang or lay them flat away from
direct sunlight.
Rubber-Backed Mats
Bath mats and other rubber-backed mats should not be put in the dryer, as the heat can break down the rubber backing, reducing the mats' anti-slip properties.
Moreover, as pieces of rubber come off with the dryer’s high heat, they can accumulate inside its vent, eventually causing a clog and, potentially, a fire.
Hand-washing and air-drying are the best methods for cleaning and drying bras, as they protect the bras' delicate fabrics and maintain
their structure.
Putting bras in the dryer exposes them to heat that can cause elastic, spandex, and underwire to break down, and they may lose their fit and support.
Avoid using the dryer (and the washer) to clean backpacks, as its high temperatures can damage zippers and padded pockets.
Instead, air-dry the backpack by hanging it upside down with all pockets unzipped, ensuring it's fully dry before storing it to prevent
mold growth.