A person painting a wood surface
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Avoid Making This Crucial Mistake When Painting Furniture
Painting furniture may be as exciting as finding a forgotten $20 bill in old jeans. Yet, the euphoria could quickly die if you skimp on one crucial aspect: the paintbrush.
Cheap paint brushes could leave lots of brush marks behind, as well as turn your painting into a primal hunt for stray, loose bristles lodged into your furniture.
Although reusing an old brush is tempting, caution must carry the day. These weathered warriors often bear blemishes of previous paint jobs with their bristles stuck together.
Using the wrong type of bristles with different paints is similar to pairing a rich vintage Cabernet Sauvignon with old takeout pizza: a definite no-no.
A natural-bristle brush on water-based paint won’t work. Water causes natural bristles to swell and lose shape since they’re made from animal hair, which loves to absorb water.
A synthetic brush paired with an oil-based product will not work either. If you’re using an oil-based paint, use a natural-bristle brush since it pairs much better.