Tankless water heater mounted on a wall.
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Avoid Placing These Items Next To Your Water Heater
When it comes to maintaining a water heater, keeping flammable or combustible materials and items that prevent good visibility or proper ventilation around it is an absolute no-go.
Paper products or clothing can easily dip down and catch fire. Similarly, oils and paints can create a fire risk if kept near units powered by electricity or gas.
Combustible items like gas are also a threat if kept near an open flame or intense heat source, so be sure not to leave gas cans near a water heater tank stored in the garage.
Piling stuff around your water heater can cause ventilation issues and unnecessary damage. You'll be more inclined to perform regular maintenance if you don’t declutter every time.
A unit surrounded by clutter also leads to a lack of visibility, so if your water heater has an ongoing leak, you may not see the signs of it until well into the problem.