Rosemary growing in the garden
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Avoid Planting These Vegetables And Herbs Next To Rosemary
Mint grows quickly in nearly any soil or light conditions and spreads aggressively, while rosemary requires full sun and dry sandy soil, and it spreads slowly to moderately.
Rosemary's growth is in direct opposition to the way mint grows. So, if you plant mint with rosemary, expect it to overtake the rosemary.
Unlike rosemary, which thrives in dry soil low in nutrients, fennel requires moist, nutrient-rich soil. When planted together, one of the plants will struggle to survive.
Since fennel is allelopathic — meaning it produces chemicals that can inhibit the growth of some nearby plants — the plant that loses the battle will likely be rosemary.
In order to grow these watery fruits, cucumbers require heavy feeding and abundant water, which is in direct opposition to rosemary's need for dry, low-nutrient soil.
Rosemary also releases mildly allelopathic oils, which inhibit the growth of nearby plants. A plant as delicate as cucumber cannot survive with these inhibitory chemicals nearby.