Butterflies among flowers
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Avoid Planting This Flower Next To Butterfly Weed In Your Garden
While both butterfly weed and impatiens make excellent additions to a pollinator garden, they should not be planted next to each other due to their opposite
growing requirements.
Butterfly weed is a drought-tolerant perennial that thrives in sandy, well-draining soil and requires full to partial sun exposure to produce its vibrant orange to
yellow flowers.
In contrast, impatiens prefer moist conditions and thrive in shaded areas, consistently blooming in appealing shades of red, orange, white, or pink from early spring through fall.
Planting these two species together can compromise their health and growth. In the dry and sunny conditions favored by butterfly weed, impatiens may wilt and struggle to bloom.
Conversely, in the moist and shady environments ideal for impatiens, butterfly weed may suffer, resulting in reduced flowering and potential root rot.