A cast iron pan leaning against a wall
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Avoid These Cleaning Mistakes To Keep Your Cast Iron Pans In Good Shape
Maintaining the longevity and performance of a cast iron pan requires steering clear of a few critical cleaning mistakes. A cardinal rule is to never soak the skillet in water.
Soaking the pan, especially for prolonged periods, can break down the protective seasoning layer, leaving the iron susceptible to rust and diminishing its non-stick properties.
Therefore, instead of soaking the skillet in soapy water, it's best to clean it immediately after use with warm water and a gentle brush, using a small amount of mild dish soap.
Another mistake is washing the pan in a dishwasher, where harsh detergents and high temperatures can erode its protective layer, thus compromising its durability and functionality.
Additionally, letting a cast iron pan air dry can lead to trouble. Due to its porous nature, the skillet can trap water, which might lead to rust as the moisture evaporates.
To prevent this issue, it's advisable to dry the pan thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth or briefly heat it on the stove over a low flame to ensure all moisture is eliminated.