A home mudroom, with storage baskets and coat pegs, shown here with warm weather items.
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Avoid These Colors When Painting Your Home's Mudroom
Your mudroom should be not only organized but pleasant and welcoming, so there are a handful of colors that you should completely disqualify as contenders for it.
With mudrooms, natural light usually is in short supply. While a dark accent wall may work in an all-white formal room, a black or brown mudroom would look creepy, like a cave.
Some white shades work great in a mudroom, but avoid chalk white and shades with a brown or yellow undertone. These will look dingy in small spaces and show scuffs and stains.
Pay attention also to color undertones. For example, if your color scheme is dark blue with wood trim and you use a gray with a lot of red in it, the gray will look purple.
A beige with too much yellow in it will drag dark colors down and mute lighter colors, while a medium to dark beige will show light-colored dust and scrapes.
Bright, concentrated color on the wall expresses your personality, but too much of a bold color like red, deep orange, and bright yellow can make you feel anxious.
Once you’ve picked out the perfect color, select a semi-gloss finish, ideal for high-traffic areas — it’s easy to clean and will give the mudroom a soft glow that helps color pop.