A blooming dayliliy flower.
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Avoid These Common Gardening Mistakes When Growing Daylilies
Daylilies boast thousands of varieties, each requiring specific care. For optimal growth, tailor your approach based on the climate and the unique needs of your chosen varieties.
Ideally, daylilies need about six hours of direct sunlight daily; however, if you’re planting them in hotter areas, your plants may appreciate some shade to preserve their color.
Daylilies are susceptible to diseases like rust and soft rot. To avoid that, choose disease-resistant varieties like the Betty Bennet and take action at the first sign of disease.
Remove affected leaves or parts of the plant and dispose of them properly to prevent reinfection. Use fungicides if necessary, but always follow the product’s instructions.
Ensure good air circulation around your plants and avoid overhead watering, which can leave foliage wet and more prone to fungal diseases. Also, maintain good garden hygiene.