Stock photo showing a black, glass ceramic gas stove top in a grey kitchen counter over glossy, cream floor cabinets.
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Avoid These Countertop Mistakes If You Want To Sell Your House
Laminate is affordable but prone to scratches and hard-to-repair damage. They're often viewed as a cheap choice with lower resale value, especially in high-end markets.
Solid Surface
Made from a mix of minerals and acrylic, this material is less durable than natural stone. While they are resistant to stains, they fetch a lower resale value.
Tile counters are inexpensive and easy to repair but are dated. They also harbor dirt and bacteria, demanding extensive cleaning and regrouting, which deters buyers.
Soapstone has a luxurious look and is environmentally friendly as it's not manufactured. Unfortunately, it's also prone to scratches, making it a poor long-term choice.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is rust-resistant and long-lasting but prone to scratches and dents. Its industrial look is also a turn-off for buyers seeking a homey feel.