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Avoid These Laundry Mistakes For Fresh-Smelling Clothes
Separate your smelly clothes from the rest because odors spread to other clothing. Some hampers have separators for colors, and one can be used for the smelly stuff.
Avoid Overloads
If there’s too much clothes in the washing machine, there's less room for water to circulate or friction between the pieces, which causes dirt and odors to stay on the clothes.
Lying Around
Worn clothes can start to smell, especially if they're damp. When it's not possible to wash them right away, hang them up to prevent mold and bacteria from spreading.
Active Wear
Sweat, bacteria, and oil get trapped inside of bathing suits and gym clothes. If they will not be washed right away, it's best to rinse them in cold water and let them dry.
Baking Soda
Baking soda can absorb and eliminate acidic smells from your clothes. Hand wash with baking soda or add half of a cup to the washing machine or the hamper to control odors.