Umbrellas and jacket in foyer
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Avoid These Mistakes When Designing Your Foyer
Overcrowding the foyer will make your entryway feel messy and small. Try to break up the décor rather than clumping it together and don't hang ceiling fixtures too low.
No Seating
If you want people to remove their shoes before entering your home, seating in the foyer is a must. Without somewhere to sit, your foyer may as well be a breezeway.
No Storage
Having a place to store shoes and other in-and-out-the-door items is essential for your foyer. A few baskets or extra coat hooks make a big difference in functionality.
A bright foyer gives a more welcoming impression than a dim one. If you want extra privacy, cover your glass with privacy film, as it still allows the light to filter in.
Furniture made for the living room may feel too large in your foyer. Look for furnishings specifically created for the foyer or intended to be accent pieces.