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Avoid These Mistakes When Growing Herbs In Your Garden
1. Thinking It All Starts With A Seed
When it comes to growing herbs, starter plants are much easier to grow than seeds. While a transplant may be more costly, it’s a no-fuss, all-bases-covered method of growing herbs.
Dig a hole twice as wide as the nursery pot. Slide the transplant out of the pot, loosen its roots, place it in the freshly dug hole, and cover it very lightly with soil.
2. Growing The Wrong Variety
With over 600 types of mint and 50 types of basil, it's essential to know what you're growing. If you want a herb with specific flavors, ensure
you buy the exact
type you need.
3. Jumping The Gun
Many common herbs are difficult to grow and aren’t good for beginners. Lavender is the hardest herb to keep alive, with rosemary, basil, and coriander also being close contenders.
Make things easy on yourself and begin your gardening journey with herbs that grow themselves, such as mint, thyme, chives, and oregano.
4. Not Being Able To Cut It
Many beginners neglect to prune leafy herbs, but they need regular pruning to stay aromatic and flavorsome. More woody and evergreen herbs only need pruning once a year.
Forgetting The Pot
Some herbs, such
as mint, can be aggressively invasive and completely take over a garden. Planting herbs in containers instead makes them much easier to maintain.
Containers can be made from plastic, wood, metal, or terracotta, so long as there is adequate drainage. If you don’t like the look of containers, plant the planters in the earth.