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Avoid These Mistakes
When Growing Zucchini Plants
Growing zucchini when the conditions for the plant are not suitable regarding sunlight, water, soil, or spacing is the most frequent error gardeners make.
Your zucchini needs soil that is rich in nutrients. It performs best in loam-rich soil that offers plenty of drainage and is made up of about 40% each of sand and silt.
Zucchini is a full-sun plant that needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day. Trying to grow it in a shaded area may lead to your plant not producing any zucchini.
In addition, make sure you are planting it in an area that allows for proper drainage. Attempting to cultivate zucchini in standing water can lead to common issues like root rot.
Placing your zucchini plants too close to other plants can lead to less bountiful harvests, so position each zucchini plant roughly 36 inches away from any other plants.
Both underwatering and overwatering your zucchinis are common mistakes. Most varieties should be given an inch of water once a week in the cooler months of spring.