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Avoid These Outdated Wood Flooring Options For Better Resale Value
If you're thinking of renovating your home to boost its market appeal, avoid gray and overly warm wood tones, as they can negatively impact resale value.
Gray wood tones can be tricky to style. They only look good with gray and neutral furniture and usually have a cool tone, making it difficult to find a complementary wall color.
They also look bland compared to richer, warmer-toned woods. If you have this floor throughout your home, consider replacing it with carpet or another wood tone in some rooms.
On the other hand, wood flooring with bold yellow or orange hues harks back to the 1980s, potentially making your home look dated and less appealing to prospective buyers.
Additionally, these warm-toned woods, especially when finished with a high gloss, might also convey a cheaper look that could turn off potential buyers.