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Avoid This Fertilizer Mistake When Planting Bulbs In Your Garden
If you want a garden full of thriving flowers, hold off on fertilizing your bulbs right after planting. This common mistake can prevent bulbs from absorbing
essential nutrients.
Instead, wait until the first delicate green shoots appear in late winter or early spring, a clear sign that the roots are ready to take in the vital nourishment they need.
It's also crucial to choose a balanced, slow-release fertilizer with a formula such as 10-10-10 to ensure your bulbs receive all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.
When it's time to fertilize, spread the chosen fertilizer evenly over the soil, taking care to avoid emerging plants. Always follow the recommended dosage on
the packaging.
After applying the fertilizer, water your garden thoroughly. This step ensures the nutrients seep deep into the soil and reach the roots where they're needed.