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Avoid This Major Mistake With Your Air Fryer And Thank Us Later
Air fryers, with their fast cooking times, have replaced standard ovens in many homes. However, owners should be careful when using aluminum foil with them to reduce clean-up time.
One mistake is putting acidic food on aluminum foil in your air fryer. The foil can leach onto your food, causing you to ingest aluminum, which may lead to health issues.
Eating small amounts of aluminum through your foods daily isn’t a major concern, but increased exposure to it through foil can cause it to build up in the body and not be excreted.
Some researchers believe that this buildup could lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Traces of high levels of aluminum have been found in some of the brains of people with the disease.
The chances of developing this disease solely due to too much aluminum consumption is low, and per the National Library of Medicine, there is no direct link between the two.
Still, it’s vital to form the habit of reducing or balancing aluminum intake. Use parchment paper instead of foil in the basket and avoid putting highly acidic foods on the foil.