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Avoid Using This Popular Hack For Unclogging Your Toilet
Social media apps like TikTok are filled with DIY hacks to fix numerous problems around the house, including pouring boiling water in
the toilet to fix a clog.
However, attempting to fix the issue this way can create an even more significant bathroom nightmare by damaging the porcelain or melting vital PVC piping.
Most of the toilet exterior is made from materials with high melting points, but repeated boiling water usage can form minute cracks due to sudden heating and rapid cooling.
Some piping, such as the wax ring at the toilet's base, is also temperature-sensitive. The boiling water can interfere with the strength of these parts
and even damage them.
Since the melting point of PVC is approximately 185 degrees Fahrenheit, boiling water may diminish the size of the pipe, further enhancing the blockage.
Instead of using boiling water for the clog, take a bucket of hot water from your tub and pour it about 3 feet high to give it an extra push — add dish soap for extra lubrication.