A close-up view of a hairy spider
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Avoiding This Home Chore Means You'll Attract Spiders In Your Home
If you want to keep spiders out of your house, there’s one chore that you should never skip — good old-fashioned dusting.
Spiders seek out dusty spots in your home as a form of preservation. Clumps of debris act as a safe spot for their nests, and hard-to-reach areas help them avoid detection.
A clean and tidy house is unappealing for spiders because it prevents them from hiding in dust bunnies and eliminates their food source.
Spotless kitchens that lack fruit flies and have immaculate recycling containers without a single mosquito create an environment that makes it difficult for spiders to multiply.
Dusting is a proactive means of reducing spider populations, provided it's done regularly. Ideally, aim for a biweekly dusting of areas where cobwebs accumulate.
Spider webs can be eliminated by attaching an extension wand to a vacuum cleaner to reach high corners and spots behind furniture. Be sure to dispose of its contents outside.