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Backsplashes That Complement Erin Napier's Favorite Kitchen Trend
HGTV’s Erin Napier favors all kinds of wood in her kitchen cabinets to bring the space natural warmth and texture while providing a neutral tone to match with a fun backsplash.
Red-toned wood cabinets pair well with muted blue tiles, such as the Sirena Hot glass mosaic or the simpler herringbone Sernity Azul, and contrast nicely with beige or cream tile.
Trendy light wood tones match well with airy earth tones like sage green or Floor and Decor’s Maverick Green Thassos. Alternatively, pair them with classic marble for added drama.
Lean into a moody look by pairing darker woods with deep colors like emerald and burgundy, or contrast walnut finishes using lighter backsplashes made of fishtail or brick tile.