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Bad Advice Dished Out On Good Bones
Skip Safety Gear
The hosts of “Good Bones” can often be seen swinging hammers, wielding power tools, and flinging refuse, all without a hard hat, safety glasses, or a mask. While this may lead viewers to believe that it is unnecessary, you need to wear the proper safety equipment during dangerous demolition and DIY projects.
General Contractor
“Good Bones” may give off the impression that being your own general contractor is cheaper and more convenient, but this is often not true. A good general contractor can get better rates with subcontractors and will know the common pitfalls for renovation projects, taking stress off your shoulders.
Renovate Before Moving
The standard on “Good Bones” is to fully renovate the house before moving in, but this immediate action should only be saved for genuine safety hazards. It’s best to wait a full year to get a feel for your home and know exactly what you want to change, allowing you to reclaim materials and save money.
DIY Everything
Reality TV can lead its viewers to think that DIY is simple to learn, but most projects featured on shows like “Good Bones” are much more complex than they might seem. An Angi survey revealed that 80% of homeowners made a mistake when performing a DIY repair, which can cost more money in the long run.
Everything Is Worth Fixing
Mina and Karen of “Good Bones” buy their houses as-is, meaning that the seller is not responsible for any repairs, but this is not advised for the average homeowner. Issues such as termites, bad wiring, and crumbling foundations should be considered deal-breakers from the start.