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Bad Home Advice Dished Out On House Hunters
Houses Out of Budget
As clients discuss their budgetary restrictions with their realtor, one glaring issue is that HOA payments, community fees, or other additional costs never get brought up. These add significantly to a home's monthly costs and are often afterthoughts for their agent during a showing.
Budgets Are a Joke
Homes for couples on this show tend to have unstable careers, and budgets run over so often that it's become a trending joke among internet users. Purchasing a home is a hefty financial commitment, and it should be recommended that these buyers have stable jobs beforehand.
Only Three Properties
The show perpetuates that buyers should only look at three properties before making a selection. While some buyers have been browsing the market for some time, the only consideration shown is between three properties, which lends a distorted view of the home-buying process.
Ignoring Good Bones
When it comes to home shopping, one of the most important, and unchangeable features is the bones, or layout, of the house. Many buyers have a must-have list of specific needs, but are quick to dismiss ideal properties for petty reasons such as paint color, or outdated light fixtures.
No Final Inspections
Final inspections are typically omitted, yet are an integral part of the home-buying process, since many buyers won't put in an offer without the caveat of the property passing a third-party inspection. A mention of a passing inspection prior to a move-in would clarify this.