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Bad Home Advice Dished Out On Property Brothers
Stick With Neutrals
Because Jonathan and Drew don't get to spend a lot of time with the homeowners on the show, they can't really get to know their individual personalities. This leads to home transformations that often rely a little too much on boring neutral tones without any personalized flare.
You Can Finish Quickly
The timeline on "Property Brothers" is very condensed, and the hour-long episodes tend to fly by. However, real-life contractors often have more than one project happening at once, and it can be frustrating to find this out during expensive and messy home renovations.
Glass Dining Tables
Jonathan and Drew seem to love staging each of their newly renovated homes with a glass table. However, manufacturing defects in glass tables can lead to spontaneous shattering, and it's difficult to know whether a particular table or piece of glass is subject to it.
So Many Surprises
One of the best parts of watching “Property Brothers” is the drama of unexpected setbacks on a project, but this is one of the least realistic parts of the show. In real life, most professional contractors can assess a project and tell you almost exactly what it will cost upfront.
Follow Trends
"Property Brothers" is great at staying on-trend, but when you are remodeling or redecorating your own home, following current trends might hurt you in the long run. Trends are fleeting, and they may leave you with an outdated house in a few years.