Cockroaches surrounding recently hatched offspring
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Banish Cockroaches With A
Few Simple Ingredients From Your Kitchen
If you're looking for a natural, non-toxic solution to deter cockroaches from infiltrating your home, the combination of thyme and apple cider vinegar could be the answer you seek.
To create a roach-repellent spray, simply steep thyme leaves in apple cider vinegar for several days. Once ready, strain the mixture and transfer it into a spray bottle.
If you're concerned about potential clogs in your sprayer, securing a small piece of cloth around the base of the pump using a rubber band will serve
as a practical filter.
Diligently spritz the mixture throughout your home, focusing on previously infested areas and known entry points of roaches and other bugs
to keep pests at bay.
You can also place sachet pouches of dried thyme in cupboards and other spots where roaches typically seek food and water
to prevent them from contaminating your food.