Oil leaking out from underneath a car
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Banish Oil Stains In Your Driveway With A Laundry Room Staple
A little powdered laundry detergent can help remove those oil stains on your driveway. This method will also work for other types of concrete, like the floor of your garage.
Powder detergents are known to absorb moisture and contain surfactants and enzymes like lipase. Both are formulated to cut through oils and help wash them away.
Start by making a paste. Since powder detergent is meant for lifting dirt and mud off clothes, you will need a lot more detergent and a lot less water.
Take a sturdy nylon cleaning brush or a square broom and scrub the detergent over the stain for a few minutes. Then, leave the paste on your driveway for 15 to 30 minutes.
Scrub the area one more time before giving it a rinse. Concentrate the wastewater so it can be cleaned with an absorbent towel or mop, as this is safer for the environment.