Paint stain on the concrete floor
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Paint From Concrete Floors With These Simple Techniques
Paint Stripper
When removing old paint from a concrete floor, use a chemical paint stripper, which has ingredients like benzyl alcohol and glycol acid that dissolve the paint.
Coat the floor with the stripper using a large stain-friendly paintbrush. Place a plastic sheet on top so it doesn't dry up, let it sit for 24 hours, then scrape off the stripper.
Pressure Washer
A pressure washer is a machine that utilizes high-power hot water to remove paint, rust, or stains from concrete. It even allows you to adjust the force of water.
For stubborn stains, use a range of 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI. Spray at a slight angle around 20 inches away from the surface and move the nozzle in a side-to-side sweeping motion.
Floor Grinder
A floor grinder is a more direct approach to getting rid of paint on the concrete, which speeds up the process but can get both loud and dusty.
It's essentially a tool with a spinning coarse disc that scrapes off a surface's top layer. It also has a vacuum-like hose in order to suck up the dust and debris.
Soda Blasting
Soda blasting works a lot like a pressure washer, but instead of hot pressurized water, it uses sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda, to blast onto concrete.
You should blast in a sweeping motion evenly across the surface. The soda contains compounds that naturally lift the grease and paint stains, giving you a properly cleaned surface.