Edible salt crystals falling down into the wooden spoon at black background.
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Banish Spiders From Your Home With A Simple Salt Hack
Dealing with pesky spiders in our living spaces is a common problem, but making a saline spider control spray is relatively easy.
Dissolve one ounce of basic table salt in a gallon of warm water then add to a spray bottle to apply it directly on spiders, their nests, and their egg sacs.
This salt water spray is
an efficient method to eliminate spiders because of its ability to dry out anything that contains moisture and will dehydrate the spider upon contact.
It's important to note that dry table salt alone won't harm spiders, and they'd probably crawl through it. Water helps bind the salt to the spider's body, drawing out moisture.
This solution can also be used as a perimeter spray around your home's exterior, although you'll have to reapply it after any rainfall.