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Banish Termites With One Kitchen Ingredient
Using poisons on termites might not be desirable if you have kids or pets in the house. If you're looking for an all-natural solution to get rid of them, salt is the best option.
To create a termite-busting saline spray, combine one part salt with one part warm water, mix until dissolved, then pour it into a spray bottle.
Walk around your house and find the areas the termites are coming through. If you find discarded wings, you can safely bet that's a spot where the termites are congregating.
Spray the entry points with the solution or use a syringe to push it into the cracks or holes. You can also pour the water directly in front of any doorway or window outside.
Termites avoid the scent of salt, so they will steer clear of those areas. And if they do happen to walk into the solution, they will become dehydrated and no longer be a nuisance.
Epsom and table salt can be used, but borate salt is best for wood infestations. When termites eat the salted wood, the borate destroys their gut bacteria and makes them starve.