Ceylon cinnamon and cassia, sticks and powder
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Banish Wasps From Your Yard With One Useful Kitchen Spice
Finding a nest on your property can be alarming, but you can get wasps to desert their home with the pungent smell of eugenol oil, a primary component of cinnamon bark and leaves.
Simply sprinkle powdered cinnamon around the opening of a nest and other areas where wasps have been sighted frequently. For the best results, reapply daily for at least a week.
As this hack requires you to be close to the wasps, wear gloves and other protective gear. Also, wasps sleep at night, so wait until dark to approach their nest.
Use a light, but be sure not to shine it directly at the nest, which could cause them to awaken. If you don’t have powdered cinnamon, other forms of the spice can be used.
Cinnamon oil can be sprayed, and cinnamon sticks can be ground into powder or placed near wasp areas. As long as it has eugenol oil, it will serve as a natural wasp deterrent.