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Bar Keepers Friend Works Wonders On These Everyday Household Items
Stainless Steel
The oxalic acid in BKF cuts through grime on stainless steel. The powder and liquid cleanser works well on sinks and cookware, and the spray is best for appliances.
Due to its hard, water-resistant nature, a porcelain surface is ideal for cleaning with BKF. Use the powder or soft cleanser to remove marks on porcelain dishware and sinks.
Aluminum Cookware
The best cleaning method for aluminum pots and pans is to make a paste from BKF powder and a few drops
of water, then rub it on the surface with a soft cloth.
Bar Keepers Friend is not recommended for anodized aluminum cookware or coated, non-stick aluminum cookware, as it can ruin the quality of these items.
Glass Cooktops
BKF Multi-Purpose Cooktop Cleaner safely removes cooked-on grease and food residue from glass and ceramic cooktops without damaging the surfaces.
Coffee Makers
BKF’s Coffee Maker Cleaner removes oils and tannin residue from automatic drip coffee makers, espresso machines, single-cup coffee makers,
and stainless steel carafes.
In addition, BFK also makes Coffee Maker Descaler, a once-a-month treatment to banish mineral buildup and prevent harmful bacteria buildup.