Cozy living room with curtains drawn
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Before And After Photos Of 40 Stunning Living Room Transformations
Before: Empty
While the barren walls and floors along with the high ceilings had a lot of potential, the window treatments in this living room made it look dated.
After: Cozy
Adding warm neutral tones, soft textures, plants, modern pull-down shades and curtains, and a small art gallery on one wall gave the room the visual interest it needed.
Before: Basic
This room had good bones in terms of size, natural lighting, and the fireplace but was sadly let down by its oddly sized furniture and bland color scheme and decor.
After: Standout
Updating the fireplace, mirror, and shiplap wall and replacing the sofa and side chair with more size-appropriate pieces transformed the dull room into a knockout.
Before: Dark
While this room had tall ceilings and large windows designed to let in a lot of light, its oddly placed valance and shades unfortunately kept it dim all day.
After: Light
Replacing the window treatments with simple tall curtains, painting the walls a lighter color, and adding airy decor elements really brought the room to life.
Before: In Limbo
This living room was stuck in limbo, waiting to get new hardwood floors and the perfect decorations to transform it into a place
of enjoyment.
After: Perfection
Although small, the finished space was cozy and charming with light floorboards and neutral furnishings interspersed with pops of darker colors.
Before: So-So
The pops of boho style in this living space felt unintentional, while the dark gray couch clashed horribly with the light stone fireplace and medium-toned floors.
After: Stunning
Replacing the blinds with tall curtains lightened up the room, while swapping the furniture for a lighter couch made a much better match for the paint and floor.