Orange peels on a table
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Benefits Of Placing Orange Peels In Your Closet And Drawers
Closets and drawers are prone to developing musty odors due to a lack of airflow. By adding orange peels to them, however, you can replace the funky smell with a sweet scent.
Orange peels contain essential oils that emit their classic citrus scent. The same oils also act as antimicrobials, similar to the ones found in fragrances and cleaning products.
Utilize their odor-removing capabilities by placing the peels on closet shelves, in the corner of a small room, on top of storage bins, or in the very back of dresser drawers.
Once the peels begin to shrivel up, replace them with new ones. Alternatively, you can dry the peels in the oven before grinding them in a blender to create a DIY potpourri bag.