A mole crawling out of hole
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Bid Farewell To Moles With A Couple Items From Your Kitchen Cabinet
If you're plagued by moles in your yard, an eco-friendly and humane solution lies in your kitchen cabinet — simply combine Dawn dish soap and castor oil to help you get rid of them.
To use the hack, mix about 6 ounces of castor oil with 3 quarts of hot water and add a couple of squirts of Dawn dish soap. Shake the solution well and pour it into a
spray bottle.
Spray this repellent directly onto mole holes and surrounding grass, as well as into their tunnels. If the moles are persistent, you can cover the entire lawn with the mixture.
As you spot mole hills, fill them in and drench them with the repellent to make the environment inhospitable for the pests. Routine application should eventually drive them away.
However, if you have pets, especially cats and dogs, this might not be the ideal solution. As per WebMD, ingesting castor oil can result in digestive discomfort for these animals.