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Bobby Berk's Favorite Accessory To Make A Small Room Look Bigger
When asked about how to make a room look bigger without a major renovation, Bobby Berk from Netflix’s "Queer Eye" had a simple answer you can incorporate into your own home.
"I always recommend mirrors," said Berk. "When you don't have any more space, you can create the illusion of space. You can see forever through them."
The trick works by causing natural light (or artificial light sources) to bounce around a room, causing the eye to think a room is larger than it really is.
Berk said, "You can hang a really good-sized mirror with a Command strip. I would opt for a full-length mirror [...] That will instantly make your space look much larger."
A good way to add flair to an otherwise minimalist design, a big mirror isn't just practical but also makes a space instantly look more put-together.