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Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal With This Genius John Gidding Tip
There's one thing HGTV star John Gidding recommends above all else if you're trying to increase curb appeal: adding native plants to your garden.
Gidding told Homes & Gardens, "The homes that install an eco-conscious landscape today are going to have values accrued to them tomorrow."
Studies show that investing in large plants with a classy and unique landscape design will drastically increase your home's perceived value and, thus, its selling price.
Some accounts demonstrate that a mere 5% investment in landscaping can offer a massive 150% return when the property is sold and take weeks off the time it's sitting on the market.
Native landscaping is also a lot less expensive to install and upkeep. It's estimated to cost $17,000 less to maintain an acre of native plants than an acre of foreign plants.