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Bring More Birds To Your Yard With This Simple DIY Orange Hack
TikTokker @leahferezan showed off an easy hack for bringing more birds to your yard by creating a birdfeeder using household staples: orange, some twine, and bird seed.
The orange feeder is biodegradable and a better alternative to plastic feeders. Its bright orange color draws various birds to the yard while you enjoy its fresh citrus scent.
To create the feeder,
slice an orange in half and hollow out the inside, leaving the peel as the seed container. Use an awl or large needle to poke holes around its surface.
String the holes with twine so that the bowl of the orange hangs evenly. Create a loop at the top to hang it outdoors, hang it, and let the peel dry to a leather-like consistency.
It provides a perfect berth for the seed and a small edge for the birds to rest on as they eat. Hang the feeder from a porch's
top or a tree, and refill
orange rinds as needed.