red cardinal with a bug in its mouth
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Bring More Cardinals To Your Yard With These Beautiful Flowers
This plant produces clusters of small purple, white, or pink flowers. Cardinals like this plant's flowers and small seeds, so it serves as a great food source for them.
Tulip Poplar
This tree can grow up to 90 feet tall and blooms yellow or orange flowers in the spring. Its high-fat seeds are an excellent food source for cardinals in the winter.
Cardinals are attracted to sunflowers because of the seeds they produce and the insects they attract, like aphids and beetles, which cardinals like to eat.
Flowering Dogwood
Cardinals love dogwood flowers for their pollen, which is higher in the spring and summer. They also like dogwood berries, which are produced around the same time.
Purple Majesty Millet
The purple majesty millet will add a bit of drama to your garden. The seeds of these summer and fall-blooming flowers attract cardinals to your yard.