Hummingbird resting at a feeder
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Bring More Hummingbirds To Your Yard With This 32-Port Feeder
The Cascade's DNA hummingbird feeder features 32 ports, perfect for attracting numerous hummingbirds. Designed by expert Jim Carter, it's both visually appealing and functional.
The feeder's DNA-inspired double helix design features yellow, flower-shaped feeding holes. At 7¾ inches wide and 11¾ inches high, it allows birds to drink simultaneously.
Hummingbirds often chase each other away from feeders, but with multiple ports, they act less aggressively. Reviewers note seeing several birds feeding together at the DNA feeder.
The red color of the feeder and varied heights of feeding holes mimic flowers that hummingbirds love, like foxglove or penstemon, making it highly attractive to these birds.
To maximize hummingbird visits, place the feeder in an ideal location about 10-15 feet from a resting spot. Keep it clean and filled with fresh nectar to ensure healthy feeding.
Cleaning the DNA feeder is simple with a flip-top opening. Wash it weekly with hot water and vinegar or soap, let it dry, then refill it with nectar to keep hummingbirds returning.