Aerial view of old patio furniture
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Bring Old
Patio Furniture Back To Life With These Repurposing Ideas
Plant Container
Turn an old patio chair into a planter by taking off the seat and in the ensuing hole placing a pot to make it look like your plant is growing out of the chair.
Repurpose an old table by cutting its legs shorter or replacing them entirely to create a simple low bench that can be used inside the laundry room or out in the yard.
Pet Bed
Remove the seat part of an old chair and replace it with your pet’s cushion to transform it into a proper bed. Just make sure your chair matches the size of the pet bed.
Side Table
By cutting down a table or taking the back off a chair, you can create a new coffee or serving table to hold books or remotes inside or to serve drinks outside.
Makeup Table
Add drawers and a mirror to a patio table to create a floating vanity. Install lights on the wall around it or buy LEDs that can be stuck directly onto the mirror.