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Budget-Friendly Projects That'll Refresh Your Backyard Landscape
Flower Garden
Add color and visual interest to your yard by creating a flower garden. Local garden centers or hardware stores, like Home Depot, have various options to get started.
Plant perennials for a garden that blooms yearly, or grow your garden from seeds for a more hands-on project. Keep the sunlight preferences of your flowers in mind before planting.
Water Features
Although professional water features can cost anywhere from $150 to $11,000, DIYing a fountain to replicate that calm, relaxing vibe on a budget is fairly simple.
All you need to create your water fountain is a submersible water pump and a container, such as a ceramic pot or a bucket. Use rocks or paving stones to customize it as you wish.
Potted plants and shrubs are a great way to bring greenery into your yard. Various options, from low-maintenance boxwood to blooming azaleas, can spice up your landscape.
You can also bring your sunlight-loving houseplants outside during the warmer months. Line your deck or patio with their pots, or create hanging baskets for vining varieties.