Stack of patio pavers
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Build A Stylish, Budget-Friendly Outdoor Side Table Using Patio Pavers
The summer is the perfect time to enjoy your backyard patio. Make it a comfortable space by adding some sturdy side tables that are easy to build using inexpensive patio pavers.
TikToker @jessleecarpenter demonstrated the process using four concrete edging stones, one 12-by-12-inch paver stone, and industrial-strength adhesive, such as Liquid Nails.
To make your own side table, begin by gluing two of the edging stones together with their scalloped sides facing outward. Then, glue this piece into the center of the paver stone.
Next, glue the other two edgers on each side of the seam joining the first two, creating a cross-shaped base. Leave the table upside down for 24 hours for the glue to cure.
You can make a variation of this table using a 24-by-24-inch paver and two legs, each made from two joined scalloped edgers, or join pairs of edgers into a single, thicker base.
Customize your table by using different colored or patterned paver stones and edgers or by using different paint techniques to blend your table into your existing patio decor.