Stacked wooden pallets on grass
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Build Budget-Friendly Furniture With These DIY Wood Pallet Ideas
Bed Frame
All you need to do is sand and seal your wooden pallet before it's ready for use as a bed frame. Its weight-bearing design makes it perfect to support your mattress.
Herb Planter
Turn the pallet on its side and remove some of the boards. Then, use them as bottoms for the remaining slats to create a simple multi-level planter for your garden.
Outdoor Couch
Lay some pallets on the ground to create the base, then attach more to the back at a 90-degree angle. Add some weather-safe cushions and pillows to finish the project.
Garden Bench
Add wooden legs to the corners of a narrow pallet to elevate it into a bench shape. Then, top it off with some trim around the edges for a cohesive, finished look.
Coffee Table
Stack two pallets on top of each other with a few pieces of scrap wood in between to add some height. Leave it as is or add wheels to create a mobile coffee table.