Clawfoot tub in blue bathroom
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Buying A Clawfoot Tub For Your Bathroom Has One Major Drawback
Clawfoot bathtubs are synonymous with luxury since they enhance a bathroom's look and feel, but you may want to think twice before buying one for your bathroom.
The biggest concern is its high cost. Depending on the style and the tub's material, length, and depth, you can expect to pay anywhere between $650 to $9,000 for the unit alone.
On average, you might incur between $315 and $2,000 in installation costs for a clawfoot tub, and even if you invest in a refurbished piece, the restoration costs add up quickly.
Other concerns include cleaning and maintaining such a vessel, trying hard to avoid splashing water outside, and ensuring your floors can support the weight.
In addition, a clawfoot tub is approximately 23 inches high and can be a challenge for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities to get in and out of the vessel.
These tubs aren't suitable for small bathrooms, as they command more space, and the lack of a ledge will have you constantly getting out and reaching for bathroom items.