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Can A Dryer Sheet Clean A Burnt Pan?
You will only need dryer sheets and soap to clean your burnt pots and pans, so add a couple of drops of dish soap to the pan and pour in just enough boiling, almost scalding water. Add your dryer sheet (any scent will do) to the burnt pan and let it sit for at least an hour, but you can also let it sit overnight.
Run the pan under hot water when the timer is up, and use the dryer sheet to scrub up any stubborn burnt bits, which should easily flake off. If there are burn marks on the bottom of the pan, allow it to sit a few inches deep in water for the same amount of time and repeat the process.
While there aren't any hard-hitting scientific studies behind this method, it likely works due to the dryer sheet's conditioning properties, which soften the hard scorches and make it easier for them to come off. Dryer sheets are a little pricey for single-use, and they aren’t the most environmentally friendly product on the market, so try to limit this hack to only the toughest stains.