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Can Aluminum Foil Help Improve Your Weak Home Wifi Signal?
To improve your weak home wifi signal using an aluminum foil, simply take a piece of foil, bend it slightly, and place it behind your router.
Per scientists, the foil acts as a reflector shield that creates a barrier and steers the wifi signals in your desired direction, stretching it farther and optimizing its strength.
To set up your own wifi signal strengthener, keep in mind the location of your router, the layout of your home, and the parts of your home you want to target with a signal boost.
To push signals to a specific part of your home, create a "C" shape with the foil. Stand the foil behind the router so the concave portion hugs it and faces the targeted area.
If your router is in the middle of your home and you need to increase the signal in two different directions, create an "S" shape rather than a "C" and follow the same steps.