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Can Salt Really Unclog Your Toilet?
Unclogging a stopped-up toilet is no one's favorite job, but using regular table salt, or iodized salt, along with baking soda is an easy way to unclog a toilet.
Start by mixing a cup of table salt with a cup of baking soda and combining it with 12 cups of hot water. Don’t use boiling water, as it could damage the porcelain on your toilet.
Pour your solution into the bowl, and leave it there for eight hours. After it's had time to set, plunge the toilet one last time and flush — the clog should be gone.
While rock salt is not as common as table salt, it’s more powerful for breaking up clogs. Epsom salt is even better, as it can work in less than 20 minutes.
Try dumping a cup of Epsom salt directly into your toilet bowl. After a moment, it should begin to make noise and bubble, and within 15 minutes, the salt should loosen the clog.