A plastic watering can pours water on the beds. Close-up of a bed of potatoes being watered from a watering can. High quality photo.
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Can You Grow Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes The Same Way?
Despite culinary similarities, potatoes and sweet potatoes have unique growing needs due to their botanical differences.
Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes and require enriched soil for optimal growth. Sweet potatoes are grown from slips, or young shoots, and are planted in sandy soil.
Their planting times also differ; potatoes start in early spring, taking 60-130 days to mature. Sweet potatoes begin in late spring and need 100-150 days to mature.
One thing the two root vegetables have in common is their planting depth, with both needing to be planted about 4 to 6 inches deep into the soil.
After harvesting, potatoes should be stored in well-ventilated, cool, dark conditions, whereas sweet potatoes should undergo warm curing before going into cool, dry storage.