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Can You Really Mow Your Lawn Too Often?
Whether you like your grass short or long, you should mow your lawn around every three to seven days. Mowing too often is a real issue, but it’s not hard to fix.
Your grass should be at least 2.5 inches long before mowing (or 4.5 inches if you like your grass a little longer). Pay attention to the length instead of mowing on a set basis.
If you cut your grass too short, a process called “scalping,” the plant must shift all its attention to regrowing itself rather than nourishing its roots and becoming healthier.
The result is a less durable lawn and more weeds. Scalping should only be done at the beginning and end of each growing season to clear damage and lessen the impact of winter.
For standard trims, let your grass grow 1/3 longer than your desired length, give it a trim that takes off exactly 1/3 of each blade for a beautiful, long-lasting lawn.