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Can You Really Paint Your Toilet?
You may be surprised to learn that your toilet can be painted any color you want, which can be helpful if you’re seeking a different look to your bathroom without fully remodeling.
Use acrylic latex for your primer and epoxy or spray paint for the main color. The first step is to drain your toilet water, then bring your toilet outside or open the windows.
Thoroughly clean your toilet to remove any residue that can mess up your paint job, and remove the tank, lid, and toilet seat cover to make your work easier.
Sand your toilet with a grit of 120 to 160 while wearing a mask. Wipe your toilet down thoroughly to remove the dust, and make sure it is fully dry before applying primer.
Cover the parts you don't want to get primer or paint on with painter's tape. Prime your toilet, and once completely dry, paint on two coats.
Let the paint fully dry before applying a clear coat of epoxy to make your toilet waterproof. When that final coat dries, you can reassemble and fill your toilet with water.